Burmese python hunt in Florida Everglades slated for August

MIAMI (AP) — Flanked by a huge writhing snake, Gov. Ron DeSantis announced on Thursday that the annual prize-winning hunt for invasive Burmese pythons in the Florida Everglades will begin Aug. 5. People must register to participate and complete an online training course for the event, which typically draws hundreds from across the country. Last year’s “Python Challenge” involved [...]

Ron Bergeron: From Seagrass to Sawgrass – It’s All Important

Ron Bergeron: From Seagrass to Sawgrass – It’s All Important By Nicole Anderson, Airboating Magazine December 2019 The shallow sheet water flows through the marshlands deep in the heart of the Everglades. Alligators appear just below the waterline waiting for their next meal. Snail kites, Blue Herons, and a menagerie of other birds flit hither [...]

Massive 16-foot python with nest of 50 eggs removed from Florida Everglades

By Stephen Sorace | Fox NewsA female Burmese python that stretched 16 feet was found in the Florida Everglades over the weekend with its nest of nearly 50 eggs.Ron Bergeron, an Everglades conservationist, removed the 165-pound snake from its nest beneath a home in Possum Head Camp, about four miles south of Alligator Alley. Some eggs hatched as Bergeron inspected the [...]


BY SCOTT MCDONALD ON 7/8/19 AT 7:07 PM EDT - NEWSWEEK A Florida man who goes by the name "Alligator Ron" captured a 16-foot-long python beneath a home in the Everglades on Sunday. The snake's length is near the record size for a Burmese python caught earlier this year. Brian Van Landingham and Frank Branca were [...]

$100M project to bring more water to Everglades

By Kimberly Miller  Posted Jun 14, 2019 at 4:00 PM A thirsty Everglades National Park will get more water with $100 million to elevate 6.5 miles of roadway and a Thursday approval by water managers to relocate power lines. The two projects focus on the Tamiami Trail, a stretch of asphalt west of Miami that prevents water from flowing south [...]

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers working to move more water south to Florida Bay

Chad Gillis, Fort Myers News-Press Published 4:37 p.m. ET June 13, 2019 The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is revising management plans that should eventually help water quality and quantity in southern Florida. Corps officials met Thursday with the South Florida Water Management District in West Palm Beach to talk about the changes and [...]

Federal money clears way for bridge project along Tamiami Trail to help revive Everglades

BY SAMANTHA J. GROSS AND ADRIANA BRASILEIRO HERALD/TIMES BUREAU JUNE 03, 2019 05:55 PM, UPDATED JUNE 04, 2019 04:53 PM TALLAHASSEE After years of work on the part of lawmakers and advocacy groups alike, a project aimed at reviving the natural flow of fresh water into the Everglades received the long-sought funding it needs to raise another 6.5 [...]

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